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The party game to share with friends, is launching just in time for the Christmas party season.  For 6 or more players Foolin Around is the ideal accompaniment to a night with friends or colleagues. 

The object is to beat the other team. Pick and choose from 110 game cards to host your perfect party. From frank and fun discussion or true or false questions to team play with balloons and play tape or mimes and charades, all choices have a playful, saucy twist. 

Examples of games: - Impersonate a famous couple i.e Posh and Becks, Charles and Camilla, Homer and Marge Simpson. Get your team to guess who. - Attach a pen to tape and tie round your waist. Insert the pen into a bottle on the floor without touching the tape or the pen. Great fun!!

Party price:  £7.99
Online price: £9.99


  • Return or exchange an item - our 100% money back guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item to us in its original condition within 14 days of receipt. 

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