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Using a sex toy isn’t just good for your physical health, improving your circulation and muscle tone, it also has a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing, making you feel more confident about sex and your body in general. In fact, it’s so good for you, you should invest in it by getting yourself a new sex toy!

Price: £44.00 from Good for: When someone might see your vibe, ie you’re travelling Review: It’s a lipstick! Or is it?

Well, you won’t want to waste your time using it on your face, that's for sure. This is a vibrator cunningly disguised as a lipstick. It even comes in different shades of pink and has a USB charger so you can charge it on the go.

Discreter is SWEETER!!

I love the Mia 2 because of the high level of power it can attain while maintaining discretion. It gets the job done right even when my roommates are home - only I have to worry about getting loud! I also love the USB charger - no more toys dying at inopportune moments for me! Lelo's quality has changed my life - I'll never buy a cheap toy again!

No one knows the pleasure!!

I just love my lelo Mia! It's extremely quiet, yet very strong. And its design has saved me some embarrassment, my family thinks its a USB stick! the size is definitely convenient for travels. It's amazing how such a tiny device could give you multiple orgasm! My lelo Mia has definitely challenged my boyfriend's capabilities in bed. Keep it up lelo!

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