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Rihanna Drops $1500 on Sex Toys and Lingerie

Rihanna makes no secret of her interest in the kink. From her ‘S&M’ video to her frank discussions about the matter in Rolling Stone, RiRi is a good girl gone bad, at least in the bedroom — and she doesn’t care who knows it.

The New York Post reports that RiRi hit Lovestore, a sex shop in Paris, last week and dropped over $1500 on a variety of bedroom accoutrements, like sex toys, handcuffs, scented candles and lingerie. She also bought a graphic photo book by Ellen von Unwerth, who specializes in erotic feminine images. RiRi was later photographed clutching the book.

The Post reports that a source told the UK paper The Sun that the ‘We Found Love’ singer did not require assistance and knew where to find the items she was looking for, which would seem to indicate that she is super experienced with this type of retail therapy. The source said that a black car was parked on the pavement outside of the shop and that RiRi was grinning and apparently in a rush to get back to her lodging. Perhaps someone was waiting for her at her hotel and that’s who she was shopping for?

The shopping spree lasted all of five minutes. The singer did address this story via Twitter, but not to deny that she was there. She merely disputed her bill and the time frame, posting this tweet, calling out the Post: “this is a lie! 5 mins in a sex shop cud only get u lube! Lol, and that wud be some expensive lube $1500??” TMI, anyone?

RiRi frequents sex shops often. Last March, she was seen at The Tool Shed in Sydney, Australia, reportedly purchasing two bags worth of treats. She also shopped for a vibrator at Toys Me in Paris and showed up at Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium in Ottawa, Canada this year. Looks like RiRi lets loose and has a good time between the sheets.

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