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Kegel Balls - Why?

Who knows about the benefits of kegel balls, kegel weights or ben-wa balls orgasm balls?

Kegel balls are used to exercise and strengthen the pelvic muscles in both men and women although the primary use of the exercise are done by women. Kegel exercise balls are used internal, which means the balls are placed into the vagina, these can help to enhance and improve the vaginal muscle.

Why do women love using kegel balls?

There are two reasons for wanting to use kegel balls:

* helps continence *Improves sexual activity

Improving sex, oh yes! These balls work wonders.

First experience you might think to yourself "what am I doing trying to hold these balls in my vagina, I hope it works, why when I cough or laugh does it feel as if it's falling out". If this happens, just remember the more you put them in, the stronger your pelvic muscle gets and after some time you won't even notice you have them in.

When it's time to have sex (please remember to remove the balls for personal safety) you will feel every part of that cock inside rubbing your vagina walls, you are bound to have an orgasm and your partner......he will feel, as if he's got a new vagina.

Some will say 'it's nicer when it's tighter'.

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